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Gavin's second show at roseland in NYC last Tuesday 9/27

Got there it went fast while waiting. I was the first one there and then an hour later this guy came who was there for Joss Stone. They let us in like before everyone else. I was literally the first one to go in. I bought a really cute Gavin tank top got my meet and greet bracelet and ran for the barricade! I was right where I wanted to be. Joss came on and rocked again!! She is really good, I would see her again. So beautiful!! I got some great pictures of her which I am very proud of. After her set they set the stage up for Gavin and a fight broke out in back of us between these two girls. The one girl accused the other of trying to pick pocket her purse!!! She was drunk off her ass was pushing and yelling at everyone and security actually removed her! It was very sad and amusing all at the same time. They would be right in back of me too. Never fails!!

So then Gavin came on this time there was a full blown porno like duet between him and Joss Stone!!!! They did sexual healing/lets get it on and OH MY GOD it was sooo hot! They really are hot together. She has a serious boyfriend this doesn't go any further than on stage, all though people are trying to say they are a couple. I got video and pics everyone was shocked and going nuts. I LOVED IT! Gavin came in the crowd and grabbed my hand. I felt his ring as he clutched my fingers as he was walking away held on it to my hand. I think we let go at the same time. Yeah and it was a really warm and sweaty, ewww!! HEHE!

The show just was amazing. I caught his eye many a times, not that hard when you are directly in his line of vision, YEAH BABY!!!!!! ALL RIGHT!!!! I RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best surprise of all came during I need a few drinks, at the piano round up. Guess who shows up!? JOEY! I whipped out the camera for that one! Everyone was SCREAMING !!!! So awesome !

So I did the meet and greet after I rounded up all my friends and I gave him this picture I wanted him to sign and Joss Stone was sitting right next to him. I didn't say nothing to her cause she was talking to some guy but she saw my pic of Gavin and said AWW that is sooo cute I said to Gavin "great show tonight gavin!" he looked up at me with a big smile and said "Awww thank you so much honey! Thanks for coming out and I will see you again real soon!". Then I left and I saw his father just like staring at me (now I know where Joey gets it from LMAO). Yeah his dad is his manager now, was sitting in back of him.

After the show we went out back I got that pic with whynot and joey was there. I didn't go up to him at first but before I left I did. I was hanging out with Gavin when he came out but I didn't get a chance to talk to him or anything. He left pretty quick.... I saw Gavin's mom too. She passed by me and smiled at me, seems like such a sweet lady.

Then after I said goodnight to all my friends I saw joey was all alone so I went up to him and said hi and he shook my hand and said "hi I'm joey nice to meet you" I said "Aww Joey you know who I am! I am justine you know the girl who works at hollywood video!?" and he got all happy and said 'ohhh yeah!! hey! It's nice to see you again! how are you?" I said "i'm ok. well i just wanted to say hi. I have to get home i gotta work tomorrow morning" and he said "aww ok, well good seeing ya thanks for coming by tonight!!! (as he rubs my shoulder YIKES! I am so damn smitten with him, I hate it LMAO) and I said "you too see you soon take care" and I walked away. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I just realized the BECK show IS NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!! I am super excited for that....

NOW for the pics.....

Joss Stone 9/27

Gavin DeGraw 9/27

These video clips will have no sound my camera takes mini clips but it doesn't have sound ENJOY (you will have to download them from these links first)!:
clip 1

clip 2

clip 3

clip 4

clip 5

clip 6

clip 7

clip 8

clip 9

clip 10

XOX Justine
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